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Truck Driver Central is your place to finding the truck driving jobs, truck driving schools, trucking companies and truck stops available in your state!


This site provides comprehensive directories of truck driver jobs, truck driving schools, trucking companies and Truck Stops listed by State in all of the continental United States, so that you may easily find the right company for you. Get started now in the world of commercial truck driving!



Finding the Right Truck Driving School


Truck Driver Central provides the most updated directories of Truck Driving Schools by state. Most truck driving schools last two to three weeks and include classroom time, time behind the wheel and will provide equipment for you to take your Commercial Drivers License test. Most provide placement services to help you find a truck driving job. Click below to find a list of truck driving schools for your state.


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Finding a Truck Driving Job


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Most trucking companies prefer that you apply directly to them for employment and will seldom take the time to look at applications received from other websites. This is the reason we do not provide a driver application for you on this web site.


Whether applying for Company Driver positions or Owner Operator Positions applying online or by phone to trucking companies is highly recommended as many of the trucking companies have sophisticated computer systems, which automatically download your application into their computer for processing. Click below to find a list of truck driving jobs for each state.


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